Sundernagar is Situated in Mandi District. The Temple of Mahamaya and Sukhdev Vatika around the local mountain are different attractions. The gorgeous city of Sundernagar is famous for its shady walks amidst towering trees.


The city is renowned for its temples, together with all the Mahamaya Temple being the dominant among them. Perched at an elevation of 1,174 meters, Sundernagar is known because of its shady walks amid towering trees. Sukhdev Vatika is a gorgeous garden here. It’s also home to Asia’s largest Hydel Project — the Beas-Sutlej hydro-electric job, irrigating nearly one-fourth of the northern plains of India, has brought unprecedented wealth to Sudernagar. The Beas-Sutlej link colony is the largest colony in Himachal Pradesh.

BBMB Lake (Bhakra Beas Management Board): Sunderngar owes a great deal to Bhakra Beas Management Board. It had been the BSL Project, which attracted Sundernagar to its current glory. This job diverts the water of river Beas in Pandoh and attracts it via a tube to Sundernagar in which it’s kept in a manmade lake prior to being used to create electricity at Dehar Power House.BBMB Lake is also known as Sundernagar Lake.

Sukhdev Vatika: It’s located close to BBMB reservoir on NH 21. Throughout the Pre-Mahabharata period, Rishi Shukdev meditated in this location. This cave contributes to Haridwar, and it’s thought that Rishi Shukdev utilized this cave to take a bath in the sacred Ganga River each morning.

Haateswari Temple : Haateswari Mata temple is located on Sundernagar Baggi Road at a distance of approximately 8 kms in Sundernagar. The history of Pandavas may likewise be traced to the famous temple. Devi Haateswari, the presiding deity of this region, has a massive following.

Sheetla mata Mandir Bhoun kalhoud: This is an ancient temple of Shri Sheetla Mata in a mountain,2.00 Km out of BBMB Control Gate NH 21 (2.4 KM out of New Bus rack Sundernagar) in Bhounn slopes at the south of BBMB Control Gate Sundernagar. The temple is observable in Control Gate to Close Chowk region in the south management of NH 21 adjacent to Doordarshan Tower in Kalhoud. It requires 10 minutes to attain a temple in BBMB Control Gate by car &thirty minutes. A gorgeous scene of Balh, Sundernagar & the surrounding region could be understood in the temple. The structure of the temple is well worth enjoying. This temple boasts of its exquisite carved timber work. The temple is situated in a calm area; when you drop by, your soul will fulfill the serenity of mind.

Murari Mata: Murari Devi Temple is a beautifull tourist place to see at Sundernagar. This Temple is at the west of Sunder Nagar towards the very top of a sacred mountain named Murari Dhar and can be located at the elevation of 7000 feet (2,133 m). The Temple is believed to be built from the PANDAVAS through “AGYATWAS.”

Mata Murari devi Temple

This location frequently receives snowfall from the month of January. In early times, there has been a powerful monster named Moore around Earth. That creature did horrible austerity of both Brahma and requested him a blessing that I must become immortal. Then Brahma ji stated that I’m bound by the legislation of this law, and that means that you can’t boast of becoming immortal. However, I boast your slaughter won’t be accomplished by almost any God, individual, or creature but from the hands of your girl Will happen. The arrogant Moore monster believed I am rather strong. Where is an ordinary woman, kill me? I’m immortal.

She believed that the creature began torturing the ground. He invaded the skies and minding the deities out there and eventually became the King of Heaven. Each of the animals responded by using their atrocities. He was furious. All that the gods moved to Lord Vishnu, then God said, don’t worry, I will certainly fix your sufferings.

The warfare involving Lord Vishnu along with also Moore monster began, which lasted for quite a while. Seeing the war didn’t finish, Lord Narain recalled that Moore’s slaughter could just be accomplished by the woman’s hand, believing that she had been lying in a cave to the mountain named Sikandra Dhar (Sikandar Rei Dhar) situated from the Himalayas. When Moore arrived there for these, he noticed that God is sleeping and warriors ought to struggle against God, believed that a woman from 5 perceptions, 5 karmendrias, 5 human temples, and heads like 16 perceptions was born out of God’s body. The woman had a ferocious struggle with Moore’s creature.

Then the goddess murdered Murhur together along with his weapon. Due to the slaughter of both Moore, that this woman was called Mata Murari, and about precisely exactly the exact identical mountain was set as two columns, one of which is regarded as among Shantaknya and another is that the kind of kalaratri. Because of Mata Murari, this mountain became renowned as Murari Dhar. In that the Dwapar age, if Pandavas were trimming their firewood, they then came to the location.

The goddess looked to him and explained that by digging the cap of the mountain along with digging it, you’d discover my cushions in this location. Create a temple in the location and set these classes. Based on Mother’s orders, Pandavas constructed a glorious temple. Even now, moving down a bit beneath the Temple, even the footprint of the Pandavas could be viewed.

How to Reach Sundernagar:

By Air: The nearest airport is Bhuntar, Kullu, about 90-km from Sundernagar.

By Train: The nearest Railway station is Pathankot, a distance of 210-km from Sundernagar. the narrow-gauge railway connects Joginder Nagar, which is 80-km from Sundernagar.

By Road: 25 Km away from Mandi Bus stand National Highway- 21.

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