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Mrikula Mata TempleMrikula Mata Temple is a famous Hindu temple. Temple is also called as Markula Devi Temple. Temple is dedicated to goddess Kali. In the 11th century it was constructed. this is the famous wooden temple in Himachal Pradesh. The three headed lord Vishnu are there. It is believed that the temple was constructed from a block of wood by the Pandavas during the time of Mahabharata.

Mrkula Devi Temple is in the famous tourist destination of Lahul Spiti district.


The roofing consists of nine panels.The nine panels has different size and shape.Eight of these border the big centre piece.The centre piece is in the “Lantern style”. Four figural panels on the four basic directions depict Gandharvas busy with their mates and holding objects. Lord Shiva on both sides is flanked by his alter egos, the Bhairavas. The next panel diverge from the Hindu pantheon or myth for it represents the ‘Assault of Mara’. In the centre Buddha is shown sitting on the “Vajrasana” in Bhumisparshasana calling the Earth goddess to witness his victory over the god of desire and death.
The wall panels depict scenes from the Mahabharata,Ramayana,Sunderkand, Yuddhakand,  grant of ground by Raja Bali to Vaaman,three headed incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Churning of the ocean.

History Of Mrikula Mata Temple:

Built at an altitude of 2623 meters over sea level, Mrikula Mata Temple is well known for its incredible design and wood breaking. Mrikula Mata Temple is constructed in Kashmiri Kannauj design.

It’s believed that after murdering Mahishasura, Maa Kali had retained a blood-shed here. This Khappar remains retained behind the primary idol of Mata Kali here. It’s prohibited by devotees. People today feel that if somebody sees this khapar even by error, it will become blind.

Fagli festival is held once per year at the valley. The Khappar is removed but nobody sees. Durga Das, the priest of this temple, states that when the hens are to be considered, in 1905-06 the vision of those four individuals who watched this khapar went off forever.

Prior to going into the temple, the devotees are advised that after worshipping and darshan here, denying,’let us proceed out’. According to the view, should you state this, then you and your family members may suffer. It’s said that on stating this, the gatekeepers standing in the doorway of the temple also walk together. In the current changing environment, never say within this temple. After having darshan, go back gently.

There’s a rock of a quintal weight from the Mrikula Mata Temple courtyard, which is challenging to sweat when lifting. It’s said that seven or five people are able to shake or raise this rock using a middle finger quite easily with all the cheers of their mother with a true heart. The priest claims that this rock was set for Bhima. Bhima used to consume all of the meals of the Pandavas, in this way, he’d give them one time supper equivalent to the weight of the stone so others may also have something to consume.

How to reach Mrkula Devi Temple?

Nearest Airport:  The nearest airport is Bhuntar which is 204 km away from Maa Temple.

Nearest railway station: the nearest railway station from temple is at Pathankot.

Nearest City:  The nearest city is Keylong which is 50 km away from Keylong.

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