Kamarunag is one of the best destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Relatively less known Himalayan trek, Kamrunag is not even listed well in the official tourism websites of Himachal Pradesh. Like all other lakes in Himachal Pradesh, Kamarunag or Prashar lake has its own legend.

Kamrunag-TempleThe lake is completely frozen in winters and only experienced trekkers should go there during this time of year. Reach at the top and see Mother Nature at its best! Walking on the frozen lake and a slide along the slanting snowy surfaces can be a pleasant experience to anyone. For new trekkers, it is advisable to visit Kamarunag during summers.

All the way to Kamarunag you will be enjoying the breathtaking views of snow clad Dhauladhar ranges and Balh Valley. Do not expect the modern amenities to be present anywhere close to the Kamarunag Lake. It is one of the lakes in Himachal Pradesh where you can actually find yourself in the wild.

Cultural and Religious Significance: Kamarunag Lake has enormous religious significance in the region. Temple of one of most revered deities in Mandi, known as Kamrunag Dev is situated on the banks of lake. Known as ?Raining God? in the region, people often approach the temple priest in large numbers to for favorable weather conditions. A fair is held at this place on 14th of June every year. People make various offerings including ornaments, coins etc.

The Legend Kamrunag :

Like every other temple, peak, and lake in the Himalayas, this lake too has a story. It is believed that the Lord KamruNag wanted to participate in the great battle of Mahabharat. However, he was not allowed to take part in the battle. However, he witnessed the battle until its end.

Today, villagers visit the lake and the temple to pray to the Rain God during summers and it is believed that only after prayers have been offered to the Lord, the rainy season marks its presence in the valley. Every year a three day fair is held at this place in the middle of the June. Pilgrims make various offerings including coins, gold and silver ornaments in the lake.

Kamru Nag Lake:

http://devbhumi.in/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Kamrunag-lake-Kamrunag-Temple.jpgKamru Nag Lake is situated at a height of 3,334 meters above sea level on the Mandi – Karsog road. The lake has enormous religious significance in the region as the temple of one of most revered deities in Mandi, known as Kamrunag Dev is situated on the banks of lake. Kamrunag is a famous weather-god of Seraj valley. People often pray to the weather God in the temple for favourable weather conditions. Pilgrims take holy bath during Kamrunag ‘jatar’ in the lake. A fair is held here on 14th of June every year. People make various offerings especially of gold ornaments, coins etc. People have been making offerings of gold and other precious metals and stones since centuries. Thus gold and other ornaments much more than anyone’s imagination lies buried in the depths of the holy lake of Kamrunag. Thieves have attempted several times in the past but without any success. During winters the lake is completely frozen.

How to Reach Kamrunag:

To reach here, you have to reach Rohanda, a small village, some 20 kms from Sundernagar. From Rohanda one can start the trek to reach the lake, passing through the forests, which takes approx 3 ½ hours. It is also interesting to note that Rohanda village is also a beautiful, unspoilt place of Himachal Pradesh. Situated among apple orchards with cedar, pine and oak trees all-around, the place is most ideal for enchanting walks within the forest.

One can also trek to Shikari Devi temple, passing through Kamru Nag and the distance from Rohanda would be approx 16 kms. Shikari Devi temple is an ancient temple from the times of Pandavas. The beauty of the entire place has to be seen to be believed. It is simply heavenly.

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