Bharmani Mata Temple – Bharmour Chamba

Bharmani Mata Temple

Bharmani Mata temple is located at the peak of the ridge, 4km away from the Bharmour Chamba. The place is mainly famous for Goddess Brahmani Mata. According to a local legend and people believe that the Bharmour was called Brahmpura later Bharmani Devi. When Lord Shiva moved to Manimahesh Kailash awarded a blessing to goddess Bharmani Devi that persons planning to go on pilgrimage into Manimaheshhas to have a dip in their holy pool. Failing that, their pilgrimage would not be okay to Lord Shiva. That’s by every visitor firstly take bath in Brahmani’s holy pool before Manimahesh Lake.

Bharmani Mata TempleBharmani sacred pool is about 4 * 4 meter below Brahmani’s cave. Goddess Bharmani had stolen that this holy water out of Lord Sandhola Naag which is another side of the ridge. Seven water streams are coming in the base of cave that are currently serving water distribution facility to Bharmour and conducting many flourmills. The area is inland with aesthetic natural beauty and gives glorious view of beautiful Bharmour.

Bharmani Mata Temple History

Bharmani Mata temple is the patron Goddess of Bharmour and is located 4 km from Bharmour, on a ridge among the woods and has a facinating perspective of Budhal valley. According to a legend Goddess was living in the Bharmour Chaurasi, before the Arrival of pilgrims. When Lord Shiva first appears in Bharmour, the Goddess shifted her seat into the hilltop known as Bharmani. The Lord Shiva granted a blessing to Brahamani Devi that persons intending to go on pilgrimage to Manimahesh have to have a dip in Bharmani pool. Failing this, their pilgrimage wouldn’t be okay to Lord Shiva. Since that time it is a ritual to visit Bharmani Devi, before the journey to Manimahesh.

How to Reach Bharmani Mata Temple:

By Air: The nearest airport is at Gaggal which is at 140 km away from Bharmaur.

By Train: The nearest broad gauge rail heads is Pathankot which is at 164 km away from Bharmaur.

By Bus: Bharmaur is 64 km away from Chamaba. Taxis and buses are available from Chamba

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