Why is Australia the ideal travel destination for Indians?

Why is Australia the ideal travel destination for Indians

Deciding where to spend your precious vacation days can be a challenging task. If you are going with your family or friends, there needs to be something everyone is sure to enjoy.

Australia is a multifaceted country that offers various opportunities for everybody on the trip. It is turning out to be the ideal destination for Indians because of everything it offers. If you are still considering why you should pick Australia, go through this guide and see for yourself.

Why is Australia the ideal travel destination for Indians

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Getting travel-ready

When you are getting ready to travel to Australia, here are the things that you need to remember.

Visa – Indian citizens need a visa for Australia. It is recommended that you start the process and finalize your travel arrangements once your visa is confirmed. When you are looking together all documents, remember that an Australia tourist visa for Indians is not available upon arrival. It needs to be pre-approved.

Travel insurance – When traveling to a foreign country, travel insurance is the safest bet. Whether it is a medical emergency on the loss of passport and baggage, travel insurance will protect you in case of mishaps. In case of delayed flights or canceled flights, the cost will be taken care of.

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Comfortable clothing – If you enjoy the outdoors, then you have ample opportunity in Australia to explore. When you are looking to go hiking, it is best to carry a lot of dry-fit clothes that will keep you cool in the hot and humid Australian weather. At the same time, these clothes can be quick to dry and take up less space while storing.

COVID guidelines – Ensure you are adhering to the COVID-19 guidelines laid down by Australia for tourists. Check the update to ensure you have all the documentation like the RT-PCR test, and you include the necessary quarantine time in your itinerary.

Reasons why Australia is the ideal travel destination

Diversity in topography – Australia offers astonishing diversity in topography. From sandy beaches to rocky ridges, you can get the comfort of the mountains and the sea not far from each other. You can comfort yourself in the valley by the side of a river or at the natural wonders like reefs, islands, lakes, and mountains.

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Adventurous exploits for adrenaline lovers – If you love to test your limits, then you can go for the quintessential Australian experience with surfing. You can go rafting, camping, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, or mountain biking to get your fill of Australia’s adventurous experiences. If you are looking for something more, you can swim with whale sharks or climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you wish to see the underwater world at night, then night diving can be a mesmerizing experience.

Options for luxury or wilderness – Whether you are a fan of outdoor activities or like to stay inside the resort and read a book by the pool, Australia has options. There are luxurious resorts where you can soak in a bathtub under the stars overlooking the water or the desert. You can stay in a luxury lodge and take a scenic flight. If you are looking for a session, then take a yoga class or book a private travel experience to marvel at things at your own pace.

Popular culinary gems – There are restaurants in Australia that have been a part of a popular TV series. These restaurants are famous all over the world, and if you are a foodie, you will appreciate the Michelin star restaurants and the local eateries that have a lot to offer. You can get to know the native ingredients and how they are incorporated into authentic Australian food. You can have hands-on experience and for it for your meal to understand the concept of farm to table. You can eat and drink your way to Australia for an unforgettable experience


Amazing wine – Australian wine has steadily become a part of the list of the more respected wines. Despite its late entry into the market, Australia has a lot to offer in terms of wine and other alcoholic beverages. You can visit the region’s wineries and know more about what goes behind producing a glass of good wine. You can arrange for a personal experience and a tour of the vineyards.

Fantastic monuments – Sydney Harbour Bridge Sydney, Opera House, Uluru, The Shrine of Remembrance, Dinosaur Stampede National Monument, Port Arthur, and Sydney Tower are some of the well-known spots in Australia. If you plan your itinerary properly you can enjoy most of these without going out of your way.

Booming arts and culture – The exceptional arts and culture experience at the national monuments and heritage theatres is something to watch out for. A person with inspiring nightlife can discover an aboriginal experience or browse through Modern Art Gallery to better understand the art and culture of Australia. You can get a taste of the regional art at the underwater art galleries that display underwater sculptures and beautiful paintings.

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Exotic wildlife – The diversity of topography has led to the blooming of an unbelievable ecosystem. Right from the migratory birds, and marine life to the native quokkas and kangaroos, Australia has no dearth of exotic wildlife. You can go whale watching or bird watching and come back with the experience of a lifetime.

Now that you know what all Australia has to offer, it is quite clear that travel insurance is unavoidable when you are going to a place you cannot resist. When you are going to Australia, there is no need to hold back and wonder about your and your family’s well-being when you have travel insurance. Make the best of your trip by planning and ensuring you book your tickets and slots for activities well in advance.

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