Ultimate Guide To Traveling On Budget

Ultimate Guide To Traveling On Budget

Who doesn’t like traveling? Everyone does right! Traveling is a thrilling moment for almost everyone. Traveling not only means moving from one place to another there is much more related to it. Though today is social media and you can access anything by sitting remotely at your home but it is making you isolated from the outer real world at the same time. Though there was a hard hit due to COVID eventually the market witnessed a sharp recovery.

Why traveling is important

Ultimate Guide To Traveling On BudgetTraveling gives relief and a break from our day-to-day busy schedule. It encourages you to look at different perspectives of looking at things and it’s a great gift that you could give to yourself because it pushes you to be open and connect with people and explore new places that would be a great learning experience for you. Traveling positively impacts your mental health and will help you to heal from within.

  • Makes you confident
  • It’s all about reviving yourself
  • You learn to prioritize your things
  • You will become more alert and nimble
  • Helps you to come out of your comfort zone

Global traveling industry statistics

According to research conducted by Statista, the global revenue of the travel and tourism market is estimated to reach 716.80 billion dollars by the end of 2022. And it is estimated to grow by 992.10 billion dollars by 2026, with a growth rate of 8.46% each year.

  • Valued at 354.2 billion dollars as of 2020, the Global travel market is estimated to reach 1835.6 billion dollars by 2031.
  • After a significant hit from the COVID pandemic, the WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council) expects an 88% recovery of the market by the end of 2022

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Guide to traveling on a budget

Everyone loves traveling but when it comes to traveling on a budget it’s not easy that everyone could do it. But don’t worry we are here to help you out with some ultimate guidance for your budget-friendly traveling. But traveling without spending a penny is impossible. So, we will help you with how you could save your money but still get the most out of it when you are traveling. A few of the most unavoidable things to take care of are,

  1. A head of time reservations

Who likes to pay extra? No one is right! When we are talking about budget traveling. So, It is required and hence the most important thing is to make sure that all your reservations you do in time to avoid paying extra charges. Here are a few sites to check out to get the maximum offers for your booking.

  • Confirm Tkt (IRCTC)
    • User friendly
    • Perfect accuracy of timing
    • Easy cancellation procedure
    • Easy configuration
  • Make My Trip
    • Smooth Booking
    • Exciting coupons
    • All in one App
  1. Compare Prices

Ultimately you are on a budget trip so, the goal must be saving on everything. Multiple sites will help you to compare the prices for your traveling and staying. You must check the sites and choose the one that suits you the best. This will help you to save some bucks without compromising on quality. Such as Goibibo.

  1. Pocket-friendly Stays and eateries

No matter where you go you must need a shelter or a place to stay to take a rest and do your stuff and that doesn’t come cheap. We have come up few amazing cost-effective staying alternatives,


  • Great for travelers
  • User Friendly
  • Works Across the globe


  • Wide range of options
  • Globally well known
  • Easy booking
  • Works globally


  • Easy to find and accessible
  • Available for flexible hours
  • Staying + food

Still confused? Where and how to find the best hotels that fit your budget? We have got an elaborated list of the Best Hotel Booking Sites In India for you. This will give you an insight and take you through a detailed list of budget-friendly hotels with quality assured.

Coming to food which is the source of our life, when you travel it becomes such a challenging task to find the best yet cheap food. Well, here few suggestions for you which wouldn’t wipe out your pocket yet fill your tummy,

  • Street Side Food
  • Check hotels that provide free food either for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  1. Fixing Your Budget Is a must

Believe it or not, for everything a budget is essential. When we talk about traveling, the budget is something that can’t be missed. Planning your budget not only helps you to avoid overspending but also will let you know where to spend and how much.

  1. Stick To Local – Use local transport

When we say stick to the local. It doesn’t mean you compromise on your preferences and choices or taste. It means shifting to a cheaper locally produced alternative rather than looking for branded stuff. For example, while you need to travel, use local transport services and if you want to buy stuff, go for locally manufactured products that will help you to save money and will help the local vendors in their livelihood.

  1. Opt for PetSurfing. If you have pets

If you have pets at home and you are planning a trip, taking them along won’t be easy. So, few organizations offer pet surfing.

  • Let’s understand what is pet surfing – Pet Surfing or pet sitting literally means, looking after a pet while its owner is away.

Some of the pet surfing/pet sitting firms are – Trustedhousesitters, fetchpetcare, barklypets, and rover. You can check out their websites and can find a perfect pet sitter for your pet.

  1. Opt for railways over airways

It can’t be denied that airways save a lot of time but it costs a lot especially when you are on a budget trip. So, opt for railways, railways are not that bad, it’s exciting and you will get to feel nature and of course, it fits in your budget.

  1. Emergency Fund

No one can predict when the emergency will arise. It can be a health emergency, financial emergency, etc. So you should always be with plan B, and should always keep some money that can be used for that situation.

  1. Packing of necessary belongings

After all, we are humans, we can forget things and miss certain things to pack while we travel. This may cost you unnecessarily and eventually affect your budget. So don’t forget to pack all the necessary things, be they medicines, clothes, etc.

  1. Do carry all the documents

Though everything has become digital nowadays so people don’t bother carrying hard copies and concerning the same. But still, there are certain places where you should present your hard copy such as in hotels, banks, accommodations, airports, and railway stations. So don’t miss out on carrying things such as Pan, Aadhar, Passport, etc.

Tips while you are traveling on a budget

  • Carry suitable clothes as per the weather condition of the place where you are going.
  • Carry a water bottle and fill it wherever you see a free drinking water station.
  • Wear comfortable clothes while you’re traveling.
  • Do not miss out on taking pictures.
  • Pack your medicines.


In conclusion, here are a few guides that you must take care of while planning a budget-friendly traveling. Have a look at the entire article and do check out the sites which have been mentioned and plan your trip accordingly.

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