Shri Badoli Devi Temple

Badoli Devi Temple

Badoli Devi TempleShri Badoli Devi Temple is one of the famous Hindu temple and it is situated at the top of a hill in Badol village of Bilaspur. The Shrine is devoted to goddess Shri Durga. Goddess Badol Devi is one of the forms of goddess Parvathi.

History Badoli Devi Temple

Bhura, he is an old villager lived in the badol village. He has a childless cow, the cow shed her milk in a specific place. After this event, Bhura was exicited and assumed that someone had enchanted his cow. By seeing this , Bhura was surprised and stop his cow from going there again.The cow reach the same place every day and shed her milk in the same place. Due to her unusual event Bahura got very angry and kill his cow. But he was shock and he noted that in place of blood, milk was bleeding out from her wounds.

Bhura explained this incident to the villagers. The villagers decided to dig the place where the cow has shed her milk. They found a ‘Pindi’ of goddess Durga lying here.

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