Maheshwar Temple

Maheshwar Tmple

Maheshwar TempleMaheshwar Temple is situated in Sungra, Kinnaur Distt and a famous temple in Himachal Pradesh. On the walls, there are deeply cut images of Hindu deities which are a treat for the art historian. Maheshwar Temple have superb wood panels on either side the gateways.On the temple doorway, there is a small stone shrine considering to the eighth century,evidence of the site’s ancient times.The avatars of Vishnu and Hindu Zodiac signs can be seen on the eastern walls.The buildings around the temple courtyard are similarly decorated.The legend of the temple is, Long ago the Sungra Maheshwar was once said to have been attacked by an enemy of superhuman strength.Then often linked to the Bhima. Bhima was a Pandava. Bhima launched a great boulder at the temple from the mountain tops across the Satluj. The Maheshwar diverted the projectile to one side. It lies close to the road now. A short way from the temple and still covered the alpine flowers.The alpine flowers found only in the high mountains.

Maheshwar Temple Famous For:

Maheshwar Temple have superb WOOD PANELS on either side the gateways.

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